$12,900 awarded to Family Support Services of West Central Indiana

Family Support Services of West Central Indiana is the latest quarterly local recipient of a grant from 100+ Men Who Care of Putnam County. This quarter’s check was in the amount of $12,900, which is a record for the group.

Family Support Services is an organization dedicated to ending domestic violence, sexual assault and promoting healthy families. It provides a wide array of services for families and victims, including healthy families programs, support groups, counseling services, and assistance with the legal system. Its mission is to prevent child abuse, neglect and domestic violence through education, guidance, intervention and supportive services.

Following the national model, 100+ Men meets four times a year to award a big check to a Putnam County 501c3 charity.

Since its January 2016 debut, the group has awarded more than $195,000 to Putnam County charities and nonprofit organizations, Mike Harmless, chairman of 100+ Men, said. It also has created a Community Grants Endowment at the Putnam County Community Foundation that provides money for the Foundation to utilize in their grant-making process.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2020, the 100+ Men of Putnam County was created based on two principles: There were men who wanted to give back to the community but lacked the time to do fundraising or serve on boards, and that the process needed to be fun and easy.

Today, there are more than 125 members, and the goal for 2019 is to have more than 130 members.

Interested men can visit the website www.100plusmen.com for general information as well as application forms (click on the “Join Us” icon) or check out its Facebook page, 100+ Men of Putnam County.

$12,800 awarded to Beyond Homeless Inc.

At its final meeting of 2017, the 100 Plus Men Who Care of Putnam County organization awarded $12,800 to Beyond Homeless Inc. of Putnam County, bringing the total awarded to Putnam County charities and nonprofit organizations by the group to more than $148,000.

“We can’t thank the men of Putnam County enough times for the impact our organization has had on local charities and nonprofit organizations like Beyond Homeless Inc.,” noted Scott Davis, a founding member of the group. “Who would have imagined that in three years 100 Plus Men would have impacted so many Putnam County people?”

In addition, thanks to Lilly Endowment’s GIFT VI matching challenge, the organization has created a Community Grants Endowment at the Putnam County Community Foundation.

“The foresight of the founders of 100 Plus Men has established an endowment with the Foundation which will continue to grow and distribute grants that benefit the charities of Putnam County forever,” observed Ken Eitel, president of the Foundation.

In accepting the award for Beyond Homeless, one of the men’s first recipients two years ago, Jerry Lewis, president of the organization, stated, “Beyond Homeless is a Putnam County charity that believes in safe, decent and affordable housing, adequate food, education and quality social services is a fundamental human right. The 100 Plus Men’s support will aid us in responding to the needs of our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless because of poverty.”

Looking ahead, the organization is currently registering men for 2018.

“The Putnam County Chapter of 100 Men has continued to grow each year, reaching 128 men in 2017,” related Mike Harmless, newly elected chairman of 100+ Men. “We are looking ahead and currently renewing memberships and registering men for 2018 with the goal of exceeding the number of guys involved in 2017.”

Men from all walks of life and experiences are welcome.

“We continue to add new men who don’t have time in their busy life to volunteer, but want to make a significant impact for those with needs,” said Todd Lewis, a member of the committee from Cloverdale. “The county-wide participation has been amazing. Guys are having fun. They love that their $100 check adds up to a $12,000 plus donation to a deserving local charity.”

$12,800 awarded to SAWs

On August 23rd, 100+MWC selected Servants At Work (SAWs) for their next $12,800 donation. SAWs is a local organization serving Putnam County that designs, and build custom ramps for people needing handicap accessibility into their homes. SAWs selects people on a need basis; and there is no cost to the homeowners.

For more information, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SAWSGreencastle

$12,800 given to ASAP

On June 7th, the Accelerated Associate Degree Program (ASAP) at Ivy Tech Greencastle Community College Greencastle was awarded $12,800 by 100 Plus Men Who Care of Putnam County. The funds will support the program’s goals of allowing students right out of high school to earn an associate degree in just 11 months with little to no student debt.

Students represent all four Putnam County School Corporations and high schools adjacent to Putnam County. Upon completion of the ASAP program, students can transfer to their choice of a variety of four-year colleges and universities.

$12,500 Awarded to The Castle

For Event #9 on March 19, 2017, the 100+Men Who Care awarded $12,500 to a local educational program - The Castle. In 2011, The Castle was the outcome of many sessions and the inspiration of teachers, artists, and community members to offer free workshops in partner schools to maximize the opportunity for creative problem-solving and nurture self-expression for kids. Beth Benedix, Director of The Castle, reports on the organizations website (www.castlearts.org) “Our pilot program was launched in January 2012 in one elementary school…currently the Castle serves approximately 1200 kids in 4 partner schools.” “Our goal is to serve every kid in all four districts of Putnam County.”

$12,500 to the Putnam County Mental Health Association

At the November meeting of 100 Men Who Care of Putnam County, Bill Nunn, a member of 100 Men and Director of the Putnam County Mental Health Association (PCMHA), shared how the organization recently experienced a major unexpected short fall in funding. This emergency      re-energized and committed the organization to tell the stories of success and struggles revealing how volunteers have become committed to continuing to provide resources and serve the Putnam County communities and schools.

His telling of the methods the organization employed to assist parents and children to develop healthy relationships. In addition, he described how the educational and community programs presented in the local schools offset potentially negative impacts. His stories moved the men in attendance to award the PCMHA $12,500 at the final meeting of 2016.

$12,400 to Heritage Preservation Society of Putnam County

The $12,300 awarded at 100 Plus Men Who Care 7th meeting on September 15th will assist with the completion of an ambitious effort to celebrate Putnam County's participation in the Indiana Bicentennial.  The cornerstone of their effort has been the installation and dedication of two clocks on the south and north side of the Putnam County Courthouse.  

The Society has been championing preservation for over 30 years.  Recently, the small group of volunteers has been working in cooperation with a larger group of Putnam County citizens for the bicentennial to identify historic districts to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places in Cloverdale, Russellville, Roachdale, and Bainbridge.

$12,300 to Boy Scout Troop 99

Many of the members and leaders of BSA Troop 99 sponsored in 1939 by the First Christian Church Men’s Fellowship recently gathered to accept a check for $12,300 from 100 Plus Men of Putnam County. 

Troop 99 is the only Boy Scout Troop in Greencastle and is active, scheduling at least one camp outing per month to provide the boy’s outdoor skills and disciplines to build confidence and self-reliance. Dr. John Helmer’s explained during his presentation, “On a recent trip the Troop’s aging former U-Haul trailer from the 1960’s broke an axle on the way to a comp-out. He also pointed out in his remarks the importance of replacing aging to safety and efficiency.”

$12,100 to Non-Food Pantry

The program serves the citizens of Putnam County by distributing many household products that food stamps do not pay for.  Since March of 2009 the food pantry has helped distribute 3600 bags of necessary household items to over 550 different families in Putnam County including laundry supplies, personal and bath supplies, paper products, and household cleaning supplies.

$11,900 to Care Net Pregnancy Center

Congratulations Care Net Pregnancy Center of Putnam County for your successful nomination and awarding of $11,900 from 100+MWC of Putnam County on September 4, 2015

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Putnam County is a non-profit Christian organization that assists women who are facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. It also provides material assistance for families in need. Care Net does not receive any state or federal funding and is solely supported through the donations of individuals, businesses and churches throughout the county. Care Net opened in June 1994 and has helped thousands of women and their families since that time.

$11,600 to Beyond Homeless!

100+ Men Who Care of Putnam County awarded Beyond Homeless, Inc. a grant of $11,600 at the second gathering of the organization's membership at the Inn at Depauw.

Beyond Homeless provides emergency housing to homeless single women and women with children, as well as assisting individuals and families by providing education and assistance in obtaining needed services from other agencies.

Accepting for the organization was Jerry Lewis, Bob Jedele, Gary Lemon (Nominator) and Walker Gilmer.

Thank you all 116 guys for your giving to Putnam County charities!

Literacy effort earns first check from 100-Plus Men Who Care group

With 114 charter members, we voted to present our first check of $11,400 to the Imagination Library. This is a Dolly Parton-inspired project of the Friends of the Putnam County Library that began in June 2011. They provide a book every month to children under the age of five at no charge and have provided age-appropriate books to nearly 1,000 Putnam County children. Those books, however, cost $25 annually for each child in the program, meaning a constant need for fundraisers and donation solicitations. 

It was a truly a fun-filled evening as Members came early and stayed late. And turning our $100 quarterly donation into a $11,400 check was very gratifying.